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25 Colored Tokens - with zip ties

25 Colored Tokens - with zip ties

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Add your logo and make your labels stand out from the crowd - no extra charge! 💥

  • Customizable labels
  • Unique code
  • Round shape

Do you need to keep track of bags, cases, and kits? Use Colored Tokens to simplify identification. Customize them by adding your logo (printed in black).

Each package includes 5 yellow, 5 green, 5 black, 5 red, and 5 blue tokens. Zip ties are also provided.

Why we love it 😍

  • Durable plastic tags & zip ties
  • Customized with your logo (in black print)

These tags only work with the Cheqroom software!

Product details

  • Round - 1.5" or 38 mm
  • Logo file formats: JPG, PNG, WEBP, SVG, EPS
  • Material token: plastic
  • Material label: soft PVC
  • Finish label: glossy white
  • Adhesive label: permanent polyacrylate
  • Technical data sheet labels
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