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  • Asset labels for important gear

    Important and valuable gear

    Lights, camera, action!
    Use these asset labels for your most expensive equipment, such as cameras, lenses & laptops.
    Each piece of gear has its own unique asset label.

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  • Bulk items Asset Labels

    Accessories & bulk items

    Every item counts.
    Find your asset labels for items and accessories you have many of, such as cables, SD cards, etc
    Each type of gear has its own unique asset label.

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One scan is all it takes

All your gear information in one asset label

With one scan, know where your gear is, its condition, and if it’s available for your next shoot. It’s really that easy. Get ready to save time on set and in the gear cage with Cheqroom’s intuitive software and superb asset labels.

  • Focused on AV

    Specifically made for audio visual gear to stay stuck for life.

  • Quick & easy

    Focus on labeling, not printing. We even produce your customized logos.

  • Labels + software

    Our integration with the Cheqroom software saves you time and a lot of hassle.

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