About Cheqroom

Do you know where your equipment is at all times? Can you be sure the item you need is not broken or just ran out of juice?

We get the frustration of not being in control. That’s why we decided to put an end to it. Our goal, let makers make. Our way, Cheqroom's equipment management software, and Asset labels.

This combination helps equipment managers to focus on delivering their best work. We want to give back full control, eliminate chaos and distraction, and help makers get the headspace they need to ace their workday.

Watch how it works in 1 minute 👇

How it works

Tag it. Scan it. Manage it.

  1. Import your inventory. Upload all your gear in one click to Cheqroom. Add information such as brand, model, warranty dates, purchase price, or any other info you want to track.
  2. Label your gear. Stick asset labels to your inventory and link them to Cheqroom instantly with a USB scanner or Cheqroom’s app.
  3. Shape your workflow. Configure Cheqroom to make it work for you. From fixing gear cage opening hours to assigning equipment access to users.
  4. Invite users. Whether you work with your own stuff or with a network of freelancers, ensure you know who is responsible for the gear. Remember, you decide how much access they get.
  5. Enjoy the booking flow! Whether you plan in advance and use reservations or you rely on last-minute check-outs, track every movement in Cheqroom.

Manage your items with one simple scan, save time, and increase accountability across your organization.

Stay in control & never lose track of your assets