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100 Engraved Tags

100 Engraved Tags

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  • Non-unique code
  • Rectangular shape

These engraved tags are incredibly durable and thanks to their strong adhesive, they are almost impossible to remove. 

Why we love it 😍

  • Almost impossible to remove due to 3M adhesive
  • Strong and durable
  • UV- & waterproof
  • Perfect for schools looking for a tamper-proof solution

Works great with the Cheqroom mobile app!

    Product details

    • Rectangular - 1.6" x 0.8" or 40 mm x 20 mm
    • Thickness - 0.3" or 0.8 mm
    • Scannable: barcode
    • Material: acrylate
    • Finish: glossy silver
    • Technical data sheet

    Extra information

    To avoid duplicates, it’s only possible to order 1 pack of each range.

    Should you want a different range, please contact us at before placing your order.

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